I have been dancing almost all my life, I am extremely passionate about dancing and teaching.

  Seeing someone find enjoyment and express themselves through movement and dance during my lessons makes me extremely happy. I love encouraging people to dance and perform. I work hard to keep my lessons fun , enjoyable but the same time learn  technique and discipline. I am positive in teaching , energetic, enthusiastic and positive. I am a qualified dance teacher with my IDTA qualifications ( International Dance Teachers Association)


in Classical Ballet, Modern Jazz, Theatre Craft and Musical Theatre, I also took classes in other styles such as acrobatics, contemporary,hip-hop . I took classes in Norway Oslo at PRODA centre, London England at Pineapple and Greece Corfu at Samantha Bridleys Dance School. I believe in supporting the individual needs of child in my class and finding imaginative ways of helping them to learn new steps,dances,songs,difficult techniques etc.

I believe everyone has the potential to move and perform beautifully

and can find enjoyment in such freedom.