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Sophie Alex School of Dance

Welcome to the world of dance, we hope that you enjoy your time with us and not only learn to dance but also have fun, build confidence ,perform better in life and make new friends.Sophie Alex School of Dance is a friendly and relaxed environment with high standards of teaching and this is reflected in the continued improvements in our students each year.Learn ballet from babies to adults. Learn technique and discipline.

Fun and energetic such as jazz, working on their flexibility ,strength ,learning how to leap, turn. Expressing themselves through the music, movement and improvisation. Developing gross motor skills and coordination.

About Sophie Alex

I have been dancing almost all my life, I am extremely passionate about dancing and teaching.

Seeing someone find enjoyment and express themselves through movement and dance during my lessons makes me extremely happy. I love encouraging people to dance and perform. I work hard to keep my lessons fun , enjoyable but the same time learn technique and discipline. I am positive in teaching , energetic, enthusiastic and positive. I am a qualified dance teacher with my IDTA qualifications ( International Dance Teachers Association)...

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About Sophie Alex

Why We Should Dance?

  • Dancers move with health and confidence.
  • Dance is good for our heart,lungs,bones and Posture and always a fun way to stay active.
  • Building skills for life, social skills, increasing our strength, stamina and flexibility.
  • Regular dance practise can improve our balance, coordination and improve our cardiovascular health.
  • There are Physical benefits as well as mental & emotional benefits, by learning dance steps , going through the moves over and over again we are training our brains and of course Dancing is Enjoyable and always making new friends.
Why We Should Dance?

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