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Many people think that dance is simply stepping in the right direction in time with the right music. But in truth it so much more than that.

At the Sophie Alex Dance School we’ve made it our mission to help students from throughout Elwood discover what dance is really all about, through our fun and engaging classes. When they attend our dance school, Elwood children will have the opportunity to learn in a supportive and inclusive space where they will be able to truly fall in love with the joy and movement of their chosen dance style.

We have 5 schools across Melbourne’s suburbs, making it easy to get to and from your next class, no matter where you’re coming from.

While the majority of our sessions cater to children and teenagers, we do run a number of adult dance classes for Elwood residents who want to find a way around their two left feet.

Contact us today to find a class that is suitable for you or your children.

Ballet Classes Elwood

Looking for beginner or intermediate ballet classes ‘near me’ that your children will love? Then make sure you visit the Sophie Alex School of Dance, one of Melbourne’s favourite dance studios.

Our instructors are highly trained, having studied in leading dance schools across the world. They are passionate about sharing their love of all things dance with their students, helping children in Elwood and right across Melbourne to see just how fun and entertaining ballet is.

We teach our students the basic principles and moves that form ballet, building a strong foundation that will allow them to progress onto more technical lessons.

A group learning environment means that the students learn from each other as much as they do from their instructor, helping them to develop strong social skills in the process.

For all enquiries relating to our ballet classes, Elwood parents can contact one of our schools today.

Kids Dance Classes Elwood

Did you know dance is a great way to support your child’s mental and physical development? Aside from being a perfect way to build new friendships, dance classes can help children to keep fit and healthy, improve coordination and balance, assist with developing sharper focus and better concentration and, most importantly, support their self-confidence and overall wellbeing.

At the Sophie Alex School of Dance we run classes that care to children aged from 2-13, with all of our instructors working closely with each student to ensure everyone is progressing at a consistent rate, and having a great time throughout the whole lesson.

Dance also provides kids with a fantastic creative outlet that allows them to find their own unique voice and form of expression.

To learn more about our kids dance classes Elwood parents can call us on 0431 753 162.

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