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Ballet Classes Hallam

Drawing on our years of experience studying and performing dance, the expert instructors at Sophie Alex School of Dance can help children of all ages gain the skills and confidence necessary to perform various styles of dance. At Sophie Alex, we understand that each style of dance offers students a chance to practice unique and expressive movements, with theatre dance suited to some children and ballet allowing others to flourish.

One of our most in-demand services is the classical ballet classes we offer Hallam boys and girls, teaching them the graceful and fluid movements required by ballet.

From toddlers to teens

Kids Dance Classes Hallam

At Sophie Alex we know how beneficial dancing can be for children’s coordination, confidence and social connections. Our focused instructors aim to improve our students’ capabilities through our unique and stylised approach. In addition to ballet, we also offer theatre dance, jazz and contemporary, meaning there’s a style suited to every child.

For more information about our kids dance classes, Hallam locals can call us today. We offer free trials and affordable lessons, believing dance should be accessible to all children.

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