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Dance Classes Hampton Park

Have you been searching for a passionate and skilled team of dancing instructors to teach your children the specifics of different forms of dance? Thanks to our practical knowledge of dancing the team at Sophie Alex School of Dance is committed to teaching boys and girls how to dance. Our focused dance classes are tailored to help Hampton Park children and beyond understand the basics and mechanics of their chosen style of dance in a positive and beneficial environment.

Ballet Classes Hampton Park

Long considered an elegant and graceful style of dance Sophie Alex School of Dance proudly conducts classical ballet classes for students in and around the Hampton Park area. Open for both boys and girls of varying skill levels we will help our students gain the confidence and coordination necessary to complete the movements required by this form of dance.

Kids Dance Classes Hampton Park

At Sophie Alex School of Dance we know how to teach complex movements and dance styles to children of all ages. Our kids dance classes have helped countless Hampton Park kids improve their health and confidence by regularly attending our classes. To find out more about our lesson plan or schedule call us today!

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