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Have you been looking for an activity that provides a host of benefits for your child? Does your child need an outlet for their boundless energy and creativity? Has your child demonstrated an interest or aptitude for dance, coordination or any other form of movement?

Sophie Alex School of Dance offer a variety of dance classes for kids, spanning jazz, contemporary, ballet, and theatre dance. Those looking for a fun and healthy activity for their children should visit our dance school, conveniently near Mount Eliza.

Our instructors have years of experience teaching a variety of dance forms, and can therefore offer tailored teaching to our students. Whether your child is shy in group settings or loves to be the centre of attention, our instructors will make sure their potential is fully unlocked.

We believe that dance should be accessible for all children, which is why we offer free trials and affordable prices, and do not run competitions, which can cause stress and undermine children’s confidence. Supportive and inclusive, our dance classes are perfect for children of all abilities.

Contact our team today to find out about the classes we have on offer, and to work out which one your child may enjoy the most.

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