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Dance Classes Sandringham

Drawing on years of unmatched practical dance training, the passionate and skilled team of dancing instructors at Sophie Alex School of Dance will teach your children how to successfully perform unique forms of dancing. Our dance classes in the Sandringham area are accessible to all children, spanning jazz, ballet, contemporary and theatre dance.

Explore the beauty of ballet

Ballet Classes Sandringham

Thanks to our knowledge and skill, we can teach students of varying aptitudes in our personalised ballet classes. Sandringham boys and girls can find a new way to express themselves thanks to the assistance from our attentive and focused teachers, who specialise in ballet. From facing to movements, all aspects of ballet will be covered in our detailed classes.

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Kids Dance Classes Sandringham

Driven to making sure your children gain the highest quality dancing tutelage possible, the instructors at Sophie Alex proudly offer kids dance classes for children throughout Sandringham. Our knowledge and application of correct dancing methods and techniques ensures that they will gain increased confidence and coordination after attending our classes. To find out more about the benefits of our teaching methods, as well as class costs, feel free to contact us today.

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